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Dear visitor, diversity and scouting enthusiast, As you know we are working on a new web platform for the Overture Network, to enhance and enforce the work we have been doing over the years, and will continue to do in the future. This platform will contain a database of resources related to diversity, to the projects that are going on (or happened) in Scouting associations in Europe and to publications about diversity, useful for all associations. You know that projects or work, done as volunteers, not always run smoothly. With the set-up of this website we had some trouble getting it started as well. That is why you may find some things on the site not yet working at this point. We are trying our best to work as fast as possible. If you are a scouting volunteer, or a diversity enthusiast, packed with computer-skills (mainly related to Drupal development), or you like to write articles about you scout/diversity work,... and you would like to help us with the further development of this platform, do not hesitate to let us know and join our team. in the meantime the old website is still available. http://oldsite.overture.europak-online.net/
Take care and see you on one of our next events
The ON steering group


A great meeting has again ended. A big thank you to all the participants, the workshop moderators, the host team and especially Graham and Sharn.

In the coming days or weeks, we will collect all the workshop reports HERE. Follow up on updates.

We kicked-off the Edinburgh meeting with a session on faith and believe in the scouting context. Claire from the diversity team of WOSM Europe joined us on Friday to deliver a workshop, looking into the WOSM scout-promise and the mentioning of the "duty to God". We also discussed about how to include spirituality into scouting both on a religious and non religious way.

Upcoming meetings

16 October 2015 to 18 October 2015

For the 2015 autumn meeting we will travel to the east of Europe. We will be welcomed in Tallinn by the Estonian Guides association.

We will again provide a new and exiting program, with a lot of room for input from our members. One of the sessions will handle around the "living-library" method, delivered by a real LL-master. Join us in Tallinn to learn more about it.

Overture resources

Diversity concerns everybody. Societies are no longer homogenous, they are diverse! We may be different but we all have potential waiting to be tapped.

Guiding and Scouting Associations are modern youth organizations and therefore tolerance education and equality should be evident parts of the aims of the Associations.

Diversity means difference, and people’s differences can be many and varied: race, culture, national origin, geographical region, gender, religion, ethnicity, disabil